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Goddess Guidance #11

Goddess Yhi

In Australian Aboriginal mythology (specifically: Gamilaraay peoples), Yhi is a goddess of light and creation, and a solar deity. She lived in the Dreamtime and slept until a whistle awakened her. When she opened her eyes, light fell on the Earth. ... When she disappeared, darkness came back and covered the Earth.

Asleep in Dreamtime, a Goddess awoke in a barren world. Her very presence brought radiance. Exploring the world, she walked and flowers sprang up in her footprints. She peered into dark caves, and butterflies burst forth.

In the shadows she sensed spirits yearning for existence. So Yhi bestowed form upon them. Myriads of new creatures poured forth in the world. Having spread light and joy and life across the world, she departed...

Yhi is the goddess of light and creation, a sun deity who lived in the dream time. When she opened her eyes, light fell on Earth. She then walked the earth, and green things grew where her steps fell. Soon the whole world was covered with plants, fruits, trees and flowers. She next decided that, in addition to plants, she wanted to make something that could dance and move. Insects of all kinds were created. The she explored ice caves in a mountain. She shone her light inside and fish and lizards came out, along with countless kinds of birds, mammals, and amphibians. But ultimately Yhi returned to her own world, and when she left, darkness came back and covered Earth. But the next day Yhi opened her eyes again from her home in the sky, and her light returned for all to enjoy.

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