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Goddess Guidance #6: Goddess Pele

Goddess Guidance #6: Goddess Pele

Lighting up Ancient Hawaiian legends, Pele the Goddess of fire, lightening, wind, dance and volcanoes. Pele is renowned for her passionate and fiery temperament and many people who visit the islands will hear stories of her power and destruction.

Pele is often referred to as 'Madame Pele'or 'Tutu Pele'as a sign of respect, she is a well known deity within Hawaiian mythology and is notable for her contemporary presence and cultural influence as an enduring figure from Ancient Hawaii. Epithets of the Goddess include Pele-honua-mea (Pele of the saced land) and Ka wahine ài honua (the earth eating woman).

Ka wahine ài honua or the one who devours the land, is both a creator and destroyer. She throws molten fountains into the air and governs the great flows of lava. With her power over the volcanoes, she created the Hawaiian Islands and to this day, she has been known to reveal herself throughout the beautiful islands she crafted herself.

Connecting with Goddess Pele can light the fire within. She asks you what your Divine Passions are, and helps motivate your sacred desire within to assist you in achieving your goals.

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