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Goddess Guidance #5: Goddess Ix Chel

Goddess Guidance #5: Goddess Ix Chel

Goddess Ixchel was the Mayan Goddess of the Moon. Love, Gestation, Medicine and of Textile arts.

As the `Keeper of Souls,' she is constantly evolving from a young beautiful maiden , into the wisened old crone who shares the wisdom of the ages with her people.

Ix Chel is also known by the name 'Lady Rainbow'

The aqueous Mayan Goddess of water, and childbirth, Ix Chel lives in the land of mists and rainbows. Art shows her wearing a skirt that flows with fertile waters, dotted with water lilies, and adorned with tiny bits of turquoise and jade. This skirt reaches all the way to earth, filling our lives with Ix Chel's well being and enrichment.

She is the Mother of all the Mayan deities and rules over the cycles of life and death.

'I am the Moon, the Weaver, the Healer, Giver of Life, helping women endure their battle to bring a child to this world govern by you. The oft light guiding travelers along with the stars...

Triple headed Goddess Ix Chel. Madien. Mother. Crone

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