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Goddess Guidance #4: Goddess Venus

Goddess Guidance #4: Goddess Venus

Goddess Venus is the Roman Goddess of love, beauty, prosperity, fertility and victory. She was so important to the Romans, that they claimed her as their ancestress.

Venus was the Roman counterpart to the Greek Goddess Aphrodite.

Venus was originally an Italic Goddess of blossoms, heart and flowers have slowly become attributed to her loving, passionate energies.

In fact, her name became the root for the word venerate - to lift up, worship or esteem. So it is that Venus greets pre-spring efforts for uplifting our hearts with positive relationships.

Because of Her association with love and with feminine beauty, the Roman Goddess Venus has been a favorite subject in art and poetry. To this day, She is a cultural icon of love and beauty, a reminder of the awesome power of female radiance and beauty.

That's Venus, September thought. She was the Goddess of Love. It's nice that love comes on first thing in the evening, and goes out last in the morning. Love keeps the light on all night - Catherynne M. Valente

Connecting with Venus can bring healing to your heart, and any relationships and can help you tap into your divine feminine energy, helping you to attract a loving counterpart into your life.

She works with you to love yourself more deeply, uplifting your heart and self esteem through her tender, loving soft energy.

`Venus smiles not in a house of tears' - William Shakespeare.

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Goddess Venus

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