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Goddess Guidance #3: Goddess Oshun (Oxum)

Goddess Guidance #3: Goddess Oshun

Goddess Oshun is an African Yoruba Orisha Goddess of Love, fresh waters and fertility.

Oshun's compassionate, sensuous nature, and her water-element energy encourages healing, mothering, harmony and going with the flow.

They say Oshun is an extremely beautiful woman dressed in gold, covered in jewels with a pot of honey around her waist (pun intended). Her traditional colours are yellow, gold, coral, amber, and she associated with the number five. Oshun often carries a mirror so that she can admire her beauty. She loves honey, sunflowers, oranges, cinnamon, and pumpkin. The peacock and the vulture are her favourite birds.

Yellow energy works with the solar plexus chakra, your will power, souls desire and creativity.

Connect with Oshun to help release anything that may dim your light and help you tap into your heart center and what lights you up.

Oshun can work as your guide to help you stand in your power, connect with your sensuality and empower you to love yourself more.


`I am the honey- sweet voice of the waters.

I am the flowing of a woman's skirt as she dances her life'.

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