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A.lumin.us Body . Beauty . Bath is created with love.
Designed to heal the body with organic products made from Mother Earth. 
Intended to inspire and activate self love for your inner divine temple, creating inner harmony, peace and equilibrium with your mind, body and soul.
Each product is specifically chosen to stimulate your inner energy centers with delicious fragrance, and healing plant based products to bring you closer to your divine essence.
Goddess Luminescence.

Bath Crystal Radiance - Lumin Essence

Bath Crystal Radiance - Lumin Essence

$20.00 Regular Price
$10.00Sale Price

Custom Made with love.

Perfect for Bath rituals, Healing chakras, Relaxing sore muscles and soothing Arthritis.

Aura Cleansing, Body Detoxify, Moon Rituals.

Each Essence specifically mixed for you.


    I am Made with all natural and organic products.

    Epsom salt, Sea Salt, Himalayan salts, baking soda, Coconut Oil, Essential oils, Macadamia Oil, Olive Oil, lavender, rose petals, herbs, dried flowers, berries and citris fruits

    Crystals of mother earth



Outstanding Reviews

Testimonials from Clients

I just tried the body melt - Beautiful!!
My skin is so soft now


The body melt is fantastic!
The lip pots are delicious


I received my amazing parcel today & I cant wait to try all the products. The kids loved their lip glosses. It is a box of love and happiness.



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