Welcome To The Aluminus temple

A space that embodies all things beauty, empowerment and dance.

A creative space for like minded souls who are searching for community and heart centered products and services, who believe that self love is not a luxury but a priority, and know that mind, body and soul alignment is a sacred practice that not only is a way of life, but a joy to be shared.

Aluminus isn't just a brand, but a way of being. A light within that radiates out into the world, to inspire, uplift and expand through

art, creativity, beauty and movement.

National Flower

Come Journey With Us...


Designed to heal and nourish your body, mind and spirit with organic products made from Mother Earth. 


Illuminate your sacred temple, fill your home with sensual scents, create your vibe and light up your life.


A unique, contemporary and sensual journey, Journey to the path of the Goddess is designed to entertain and awaken your senses with high energy, story telling, digital visual screenplay and that extra light factor.


At Aluminus Dance & Entertainment, our mission is to create the perfect vision of entertainment for your event and special guests  by providing that 'Star Quality' to transform your function into a

memorable and unforgettable experience.

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Pathways is a deeply personal journey to the path of the Goddess and sacred rising of the spirit. A self reflective space, created as a guidebook to support you on your own personal sacred journey and offering tools to assist you in transforming your life as you come face to face with your Divine Feminine.


Diary of Dreams creates a space for you to plan, dream, create new memories and find the hidden treasures and diamonds within your soul, to set your heart and spirit free. Combined with the Aluminus Affirmations Daily reminder deck, can be a powerful tool to shift your mindset, realise your  power and potential and manifest your dreams into reality.


Featuring: The Goddess & Queen Collection. Kids AuthenTee collection, Men's AuthenTee King Collection.

All our designs are uniquely created for all different shapes, sizes and ages.

Create Your Own Vibe


Makeup & Hair for all occasions.

With 20 years experience, we love to bring your vision to life. 

Photoshoot sessions available.

(Organic Makeup & Beauty products available)


For the women who want answers, to level up in their glow up, connect with other like minds & find their tribe.

This empowerment workshop offers you the tools to tap into your inner power through flow dance, meditation, yoga +stretching & self empowerment techniques for the ultimate mind, body, soul balance and re-alignment.


Natalie Bushett is an Intuitive creative writer, dancer, teacher, artist, inspirational speaker and lover of nature. After years being in the spiritual closet, Natalie was called upon by the Goddess to implement all her years of performing artistry experience to bring to life a journey to the path of the Goddess. Since then she has dedicated all her work to honouring Goddess energy and inspiring others to tap into their creative energy, express their uniqueness, healing through self love and empowering others to step into their authentic self whilst following their true soul’s purpose.

Monthly Moon Manifesting

Goddess Box

For the Moon Goddess's who love to manifest their dream life into reality, we have the perfect monthly Goddess box for you.

Aligned with the new and full moon energies each month, the Goddess Box is designed to assist you in your moon rituals, embodiment of self love with delicious products to help you shift in your glow up to receive the dream life you desire.


Tribe Vibe